World-class men's haircuts


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who we are

professional barbers

if you know.  then you know.  but if you are just finding out.  you gotta find out.

The barber house is the official haircut spot.  You got your burger joint.  You got your golf course, and you got the BarberHouse.  That’s it.

Clippers, Scissors, Razors, and some swift movement and we gottcha looking like a thousand bucks.

real hair cuts.  real barber.  real good.

I know what your thinking.  Really?  All this for a hair cut.  I got an answer for ya.  Ya.  All this for a hair cut.  This is not just any barbershop.  It’s the barberhouse and that means something to people that know.

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pride in each service exclude hst

Let’s fix you up.


Men’s cuts


Kids cuts (10 and under)


Head shaved


Skin (zero) fades



men’s cut & beard trim


Men’s cut with hot towel shave


beard trim

Beard Trim ( clippers)


Beard trim & line up razor



Black mask


Cut & colour